Sales Courses

We start from a position that everyone needs to have sales knowledge. At first glance this may seem a ridiculous statement to make, but think about it, perhaps you need to sell yourself at a job interview, or there will be times when you may have to justify your own or your department’s existence? As the world becomes a harder place to do business we believe everyone can sharpen their selling skills. If your organization is introducing new products or services combining your new offering with sales training is an ideal way of enhancing confidence of your employees. We also believe in ethical selling and upskilling through knowledge transfer. These are key to you using our services and growing after we have completed our consultancy with you.

Our courses can be tailored to suit individual circumstances and cater for a wide range of needs. They include: retail to consumer, business to business, or personal improvement.

What does a Sunlabs 3P sales course include?

Our courses can be in-depth or slightly more basic depending on your requirements. As a minimum our one full day 3P Sales Course includes; approaching customers, establishing needs, meeting needs, overcoming objections and closing the sale. We teach you the principles of selling and give you specific tips based on thirty years sales experience. What are the 3P’s? These represent the overarching sales philosophy for success, come along and find out!

At the end of our course you or your employees will be; more confident in approaching customers, understand how the sales process and should be in a position to increase your sales or your ability to convince others of your argument.

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