Building brighter businesses

Most company websites tell you how wonderful their people are and you must simply must have their services. The truth is, most of our business comes from referrals.  We have therefore decided this website will use one of the techniques we use in our leadership and  ethical sales coaching, the Omega technique. This technique simply tells people what we do, it allows you to decide whether the services we offer are ones that you are interested in, and if not, then that’s fine.  We coach leaders, managers, individuals and companies in both the Alpha and Omega persuasion techniques.  The alpha technique is the traditional method of sales training, however it’s not right in all circumstances. It’s not the best tool for leaders and managers the current employment as it raises levels of scrutiny and objections that need to be overcome.

We work with large and small businesses, individuals, universities and cover a range of areas.   These include;  Leadership coaching, Ethical sales training, Listening skills training, Business planning, Conflict management, Negotiating, Mentoring, Event Management, Non-executive roles and Continuous Professional Development.
Our customers include; individuals looking to start a business, small companies looking to take the next step, larger companies who want to develop their employees and universities looking for specialist advice to outsource.  Our service sectors include e-commerce,retail,legal, marketing, financial and charity sectors.

We are based in Scotland and offer services worldwide.

Is it expensive?

We understand that different companies can afford different amounts at varying stages of their development, so we have a variety of strategies to make our services affordable. In very special cases we may share the risk of our time for appropriate reward, contact us now for a no obligation chat.

At the end of the day if we don’t believe we can help you, we will be up front and tell you. We are committed to working in a clear, ethical, straightforward manner and will build–in agreements and milestones to ensure we fulfill your expectations.