Colin MacKenzie

Colin MacKenzieDr Colin MacKenzie has been a life-long practioner in business. He has lectured in Edinburgh Napier University (sales and leadership) , Queen Margaret University (managment issues)  and Edinburgh University  (leadership influence and sales techniques).  He currently is MD of Sunlabs Corporation and is also a personal and business coach, mentor, events organiser and occasional radio broadcaster.

Colin specialises in adding value to businesses.

Colin has many interests. He has recently taught leadership on Edinburgh Napier University course and believes that quality leadership skills are a prerequisite for business success. He also believes that managers should possess a healthy understanding of leadership. He does not believe in sales coercion, this often leads to ‘buyer’s remorse’ or a rejection of the leader’s vision. Therefore the best form of influence (or sales) is when the individual comes to the view that this product/service/individual will fulfil their need. All we can do is create the right conditions! This can be achieved in a number of ways, sometimes physical sometimes through conversation.  Colin’s thesis involved the practical application of Transactional Analysis (a theory of communication) to the employee/leader relationship. He also firmly believes that one-off courses have limited value in developing effective changes in habit. The key to success is KASH, (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habit).