Listening Training

Our listening skills module offers the benefits of enhancing the quality of communication in all businesses. It is a common response for people to say that they are a good listener but following training they inevitably say that their listening skills are much improved. For example in sales and communication roles understanding needs is of primary concern, the best way of achieving this is by active listening.

What do we mean by listening?

To fully listen to someone else we have to put all our own thoughts out of mind. This in itself is not an easy process, but without this focus your own agenda can get in the way. How often have you heard people say “that happened to me, I know how you feel”? If they are thinking about what happened to them they are not fully listening to you. How you feel on a particular day, what’s going on in your own life will affect and many other events and processes will affect your listening skills.

Why listening important?

To truly understand someone you need to actively listen.  If you need to interrelate with anyone during your working day, customers, colleagues, members of the public, then you or your business will benefit from this course.

This one-day course can be run in-house for businesses or with a number of chosen individuals.

Organizations that have benefited from this training include; charities, call centers, local government, sales and customer service departments, management executives, customer facing employees, team organizations, restaurants/catering establishments, volunteer organizations.

Our listening skills trainer has twelve years experience in training with practical and demonstrable outcomes.

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